Saskia - 1988 SAAB 900 Turbo

Saskia was my first SAAB. She was a bit of a wreck from the beginning, but after a bath she looked just fine :)

She died at 14 years old and 157,000 miles of a head gasket failure, cracked piston and a leaking radiator.

It was here that I got addicted ...

Inga - 1985 SAAB 900i

After about, oh... all of, 30 seconds of grieving the loss of Saskia, Inga was on the scene.

At 18 years old and 150,000 miles (45,000 and more of those mine) she's now gone to a new owner. I bade her a fond farewell.

Orca - 1989 SAAB 900 Turbo S

My Aero.

She was 14 years old and not yet 100,000 miles driven when she came to us ... now one external re-build and engine/gearbox rebuild, she's around 150,000 miles.

Orca - The Resurrection

" All the King's horses and all the King's men ..."
Nah, she'll be fine :)

Orca - More fiddles and fixes ...

"Run Orca ... Run"

Orca - Cosmetic Surgery

As the years go by, the elements and a little neglect can really have a bad effect on your car. The solution? Respray, I'm afraid. Yes, costly, but well worth every penny ... not to mention, taking the opportunity to adopt some '80s styling hints. What next? Louvre? Anti-static straps? :)

New ... Shiny ... Things ...

OMG ... Having said what I did above, I'm going to have to install the anti-static straps now because I have secured a ...

... the exterior looks great, but the interior is sorely lacking :(
That's an easy one to change ... it just takes some time and it's a bit fiddly ... here goes:

New front grilles ... his, and her's:

  • TBA: Anti-Static Straps
  • TBA: Front Fog Lights

After almost ten years of ownership, it was time to put her up for sale and let her go on to her new owner:

Tabitha - 1992 SAAB 900S Convertible

Debo's new car!

Restoring an imported SAAB 900 convertible

Accessorising :)

Fitment of Turbo '92 wheels completes the look:

Tatiana - 2000 SAAB 9-5 Aero (Hirsch)


My replacement for Orca - part luxury cruiser, part stealth bomber and every bit what I had hoped for :)

Hirsch Performance chassis lowering kit and exhausts system!

Bringing 'Red October' up to scratch ...

The obligatory racing mesh grille is now fitted and the infamous (and unnecessary) "bolt mod" undone:

... and replacement diverter valve and silicone vacuum hose:

Porthos - 2005 SAAB 9-3 Aero (Hirsch)

Much loved, but it came time to say goodbye to Tatiana ...

Her more nimble replacement - Porthos. Hirsch Performance tuned at the factory (all paperwork included), nowhere near as classy or comfortable as the 9-5 ... but a hell of a lot of fun!

SAAB Related
Journeys, Holidays, Visits and Meetings

UK SOC National 2008 - Croston 25/07/2008 - 27/07/2008

A few favourites from the UK SOC National 2008 gathering at the Royal Umpire Caravan Park at Croston, near Preston.

UK SOC National 2005 - Stafford 29/07/2005 - 31/07/2005

A few favourites from the UK SOC National 2005 gathering at the Staffordshire County Showground.

UK SOC Gripen SAAB Chapter - Duxford 12/09/2004

A few favourites from the Gripen SAAB Chapter of the UK SOC meeting at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford 12/09/2004.

This was also the first AGM of the "Cirrus white SAAB 900 T8s owned by Paul" Chapter of the UK SOC (Unofficial) :)

UK SOC National 2004 - Keswick 18/06/2004 - 20/06/2004

A few favourites from the UK SOC National 2004 gathering in Keswick, Cumbria. The first six are of Orca after giving her a pre-meet wash, wax & polish :)

Trip to the SAAB Museum 2003

There are an increasing number of web sites on the internet showing people's photographs of the cars at the SAAB Museum in Trollhättan. These photographs are from our holiday to Sweden and Norway. The set commences with a couple of memorable images from Stockholm and then continue onto Trollhättan and finally a couple from Oslo in Norway.

The photographs at the SAAB Museum do not constitute a full catalogue of the cars there. They are a rather limited, but personal set of my favourites :)

In 2004, members of the SAAB Scene forum made a visit to the museum and pictures from their visit are avalable in this gallery page.

Who are we?

We are not a formal organisation, more a loose collective of SAABers from West Yorkshire.

Most of us met online at the UK SAABs forum board and so we continue to plan our meetings and events in the Meetings forum at UK SAABs.

We're very much of the DIY ethic, so if you want to organise a meeting yourself, set it up, post on UK SAABs (as West Yorkshire SAAB Enthusiasts) and we'll endeavour to turn up to your do.

For the latest information on our gatherings, please click:
West Yorkshire SAAB Enthusiasts on UK SAABs

WYSE Weblog

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West Yorkshire SAAB Mini-Meet - 14/10/2007

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West Yorkshire SAAB "Grand Day Out" to Whitby - 02/06/2007

As a kind of send-off for our SAAB friends Patrik & Nicki as they return to Sweden, we had a stroll out to Whitby, home of fish'n'chips, cup o'tea, bucket o'whelks and Dracula!!!

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Lancashire SOC Gathering at the Chipping Steam Fair - 26/05/2007

Some low-flying mischief and a cross-border raid into enemy territory for a gathering of the Lancashire SOC at the Chipping Steam Fair.

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West Yorkshire SAAB "Art & Culture" at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - 01/04/2007

Another get-together for the West Yorkshire SAAB fanatics ... this time, met by a good contingent from South Yorkshire and from Lancashire. We had a day out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park ... what says we're not cultured?
Andy Murray's Web Album of the day.

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West Yorkshire SAAB Mini-Meet - 18/02/2007

Just a little get-together of like minded SAAB fanatics for a Sunday dinner, SAAB chat, bonnet lifting and some mischief in tunnels :)

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SAAB Videos

SAAB Videos is an outstanding effort to bring together film media concerning the SAAB marque into a single accessible resource.

Among the amazing collection of videos, there are the two advertisements that had such a profound effect upon me as a young man. These adverts are the reason I own and drive a SAAB. Enjoy :)

Firstly, Nothing on Earth Comes Close:

Link: SAAB Videos 'blog

... and secondly, Sierra Alpha Alpha Bravo:

Link: SAAB Videos 'blog

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