The Road to Repair

After some months of complacency, I finally got around to booking Orca in for the repairs. I had talked to a number of people and garages about the repairs and had met with both strong opposition and excited encouragement. It was going to be a costly job, whoever I chose, and I started to sum up whether or not the car was worth the investment. My love for the car got the better of me and a little self-convincing in front of the mirror was all it took to get the job booked.

I had taken advice from four experts who were prepared to do the job and only one had said that it was not worth it. So, with a 3:1 in favour I was happy to go ahead.

I decided to use my normal garage, rather than the contact given to me by SAAB Angel #1. Meet SAAB Angel #2: Aeromotive (of Birstall, West Yorkshire in the UK). I had taken some photographs over to them during the previous December and they seemed very confident that the car could be repaired. After one final telephone call on the Friday before I took her over, I was convinced.

"Oh yeah ... it'll be fine ... it'll be mint when we've finished"

On Monday 10th February, I duly moved the car over to Aeromotive and a quick visual check by them changed my face from a sort of sickened panic to a smile. She would be fine.

I drove over to take a look at the progress the following week and what a joy was there to behold. Orca had jigged perfectly and the body work repairs were coming along perfectly as well. She was covered in fibreglass and sanded down dust, but the lines were straight and she looked great. I was informed that the car would be primed and go for re-spraying the following week. MOT preparation would follow and they'd call me once the car was ready for me to insure it again.

Stay tuned for the next episode ... back on the road again.

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